Dog Pride specializes in diagnosing and solving behavior problems in dogs of all ages and in prevention therapy/training for puppies 8 weeks and up.

» Positive, reward-based training methods

» No pain or fear tactics employed

» All behavioral problems treated, including aggression

» Holistic approach using a variety of techniques:

  • Nutraceuticals
  • Flower Essences
  • TTouch
  • Animal communication
  • Reiki and EFT
  • Clicker training

» Private in-home consultations and training

» Phone consultations

» Reasonable rates

phone(Please call, rather than email. Without the opportunity to ask you a number of questions about your problem and your animal friend, I’m unable to help you to the best of my ability. Thank you.)


Visiting Ava at the breeder's

Visiting Ava at the breeder's . . . waiting for her to come home.