Mica – A Purposeful Life

Death Announcement:

On Friday, March 1, 2013, Mica, my dearly loved companion and protector, succumbed to hemangiosarcoma. He did not suffer one minute. I had been watching him closely and saw in the two previous days, some lethargy and what seemed to be the inability to get comfortable. I made an appointment for a check on progression and, as it turned out, I got him to the vet in the nick of time. The internal tumor had grown some and cavitated. The huge mass on his back began to bleed internally as they were ultra sounding him.  It was obvious at that point, what was best for him.

We had walked just the day before, he enthusiastically ate his breakfast yesterday morning.  Mica NEVER missed a meal! Right before the vet put the sedative needle in the catheter; Mica accepted and enjoyed an especially juicy treat! His death was smooth and gentle.

Mica was a GREAT dog. He lead a very purposeful life. For many years, he was my demo dog in the dog obedience classes I taught.  He helped the Girl Scouts get a badge in dog training, he carried candy canes in his backpack every year at Christmas, to give out to people at different places, he was the neighborhood ambassador to those who feared big dogs and especially to children, he visited my hospice patients, he schooled my two new puppies, and ALWAYS before he went out the door of the house, announced himself to the neighborhood and whatever may have been in the yard, that HE was about to come out!! Likewise, he always barked hello to me when I pulled up in the driveway and came over to my side of the bed for morning kisses. He was always my protector. I could go into the deepest woods alone and feel completely safe with Mica – ever vigilant – at my side. He LOVED to play ball, in fact he loved to play ball SO MUCH that I wondered what would happen if someone broke into my house and threw a ball. So I set that up and proudly found, that at the approach of a new person to the side of my house, he would indeed drop that ball and go into guarding mode.

He was the last of my dogs that my deceased father knew. My dad loved Mica and said over and over: “He’s a great dog.” I know my dad was there to “catch” him and show him the ropes. Mica was never sick a day in his life. He made it to 10.5 years – the last 5 months, having been diagnosed. But even then, his life remained the same to the end, mile long walks every day, two good meals, lots of raw bones and toys…..and BALLS!

I miss him beyond expression, but even more than that, I am tremendously grateful for his good life and his good suffer-free death. Everyone loved Mica. Many will miss him.

I want to give special thanks to my friend, Megan Judge of Haus Juris Shepherds, who not only bred such a beautiful, healthy dog, but let me buy him, as pick of the litter.  Ten years later, upon hearing of Mica’s diagnoses, Megan again generously provided me the opportunity to buy the puppy she had picked to keep for herself…… to get ready to step into Mica’s shoes. Long live MaDonna Biondi of Haus Juris!